Combating Human Trafficking: The Urgent Call to Action on the Smith and Roland Show

Welcome to the Smith and Roland Show, where hosts Alan Smith and Jeff Rowland discuss pressing issues of our time. In this segment, they are joined by Mr. Andy Elliott, owner of Elliott Guitars, to shed light on the powerful movie “Sound of Freedom,” featuring Jim Caviezel known for his role as Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ.” This impactful film addresses the critical issue of human trafficking and has faced significant challenges. Smith and Roland stress the importance of supporting filmmakers who promote family values and address pressing social concerns.

Highlighting “Sound of Freedom”:
The hosts watch a captivating trailer for the movie, showcasing the dark reality of human trafficking. They emphasize the film’s power in revealing the demonic forces at play and its basis on true events. Concern for the innocent children victimized by trafficking fuels their discussion, underscoring the urgent need for action and awareness.

Challenging Cultural Norms:
Smith and Roland delve into the influence of cultural norms on society, warning against the normalization of behaviors like pedophilia. They stress the importance of standing up against such norms that contradict God’s word, urging individuals to be rebels against mass culture and protect the vulnerable.

Examining the Foster Care System:
The hosts touch upon flaws in the American foster care system, which unfortunately enable child abuse and trafficking within the country. They enlighten listeners about the prevalence of child trafficking in the United States, urging education and awareness to combat this grave issue.

The Church’s Role and Spiritual Battle:
In conclusion, Smith and Roland emphasize that political leadership alone cannot solve the human trafficking crisis. They call upon the church to rise up, recognizing the need for a spiritual battle and a transformation of cultural norms. Prayer becomes a powerful tool to seek God’s intervention and deliverance from our corrupt culture.

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