Welcome to the Smith and Roland Show! Let’s join our hosts, Alan Smith and Jeff Rowland. Today, we are streaming on Twitter, which is a new platform for us. Head over there, as we have an interesting episode lined up. Some of the topics we’ll be discussing are quite divisive, especially within Christianity. However, as peace-loving individuals, we would never intentionally stir up controversy. But let’s dive right into it!

One of the issues we’ll be addressing is the existence of a growing anti-Israel sentiment within the church. This is not a new phenomenon, as it dates back to the first century. It’s disheartening to witness this attitude, considering Jesus Himself was Jewish. The misguided notion that the Jews were responsible for killing Christ is baseless and ignorant. In truth, Jesus sacrificed His life willingly for the sins of all mankind. It’s important to recognize and address this deep-rooted anti-Semitism within the church.


In America, we can observe how certain nations target the blessings promised to Abraham’s descendants. God made a covenant with Abraham, stating that those who bless him will be blessed, and those who curse him will be cursed. This covenant has attracted animosity from nations seeking to hinder the blessings. It’s crucial to understand the significance of these national dynamics, as they play a role in the current situation.

Additionally, the Davidic Covenant holds a unique place in the biblical narrative. If we believe in the literal throne of David, then we must acknowledge its future fulfillment. The Scriptures prophesy that a child will be born and sit on the throne of David, governing the world. Even Herod, the ruler during Jesus’ birth, sensed the significance of this event. The Davidic Covenant has implications beyond the spiritual realm; it has national and global significance.

As we examine the current state of the world, it becomes evident that society is straying from what truly matters. Moral, social, and political decline plagues us. It seems that humanity is following a path of regression, echoing historical patterns. These developments align with Satan’s strategy, perpetuating attacks against various covenants, including the Abrahamic and Palestinian Covenants.

The Smith and Roland Show firmly believes in the Rapture of the Church, which we believe will occur before the tribulation. This belief aligns with the teachings of the Bible. However, we understand that not everyone shares this view, and that’s okay. We respect different interpretations, but we stand by our conviction. It is essential to recognize that the Word of God is eternal, and its fulfillment extends from the moment it is spoken. This truth transcends time, and we are living in the continuation of its progressive fulfillment.

We must acknowledge that our society is in trouble, morally and spiritually. The Church’s role in positively influencing the world appears to be faltering. The understanding and application of biblical truths seem to be diminishing throughout history. There is a pressing need for the Church to grasp the eternal truth embedded in the Word of God and rediscover its purpose.

In conclusion, we have covered various topics today, touching upon the divisive nature of certain issues within Christianity. We encourage our listeners to reflect on the timeless nature of God’s Word and the need to understand its spiritual and literal dimensions. As we navigate through these challenging times, let us seek God’s wisdom and strive to fulfill His purposes. Thank you for joining us today on the Smith and Roland Show. Remember, you can find more content on our website and daily podcast on various platforms.