In this conversation on the Smith and Rowan Show, hosts Alan Smith and Jeff Rowland discuss the issues surrounding “Wokeism” and societal problems. They emphasize the need for True Believers in Jesus Christ to encounter the power of God and seek His presence. They draw insights from Scriptures about the power of God and how it can transform lives and society. They stress the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the doctrine of imminence, urging Christians to live their lives with a sense of expectancy for Christ’s return.

Embracing the Power of God – The Solution to Wokeism and Society’s Problems


Understanding the Power of God: The hosts refer to Scriptures like Revelation 5:1 and Hebrews, emphasizing that Jesus Christ sits at the right hand of God, representing the power of God. They explain that this power was evident when Stephen, while being stoned, forgave his attackers, illustrating the potential impact of God’s power in believers’ lives.

The Importance of God’s Presence: Alan Smith and Jeff Rowland stress that before experiencing the power of God, believers need to seek His presence. They discuss the significance of humbling oneself before God and seeking His face rather than just asking for His blessings. God’s presence is a vital aspect of accessing His power.

Living with Imminence: The hosts talk about the doctrine of imminence, the belief that Jesus Christ could return at any moment. They highlight how living with an expectancy of Christ’s imminent return can influence our daily decisions. Short-term decisions should align with God’s will and prioritize eternal matters.

The Necessity of Death, Burial, and Resurrection: Using analogies from nature, the hosts explain how believers need to spiritually die, be buried with Christ, and rise again through repentance and transformation. It’s essential to leave behind our old selves and embrace a new life in Christ.

Alan Smith and Jeff Rowland conclude that the solution to societal problems lies in encountering the power of God and living with expectancy for Christ’s return. By focusing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, seeking His presence, and understanding the significance of spiritual death, burial, and resurrection, believers can navigate the challenges posed by “Wokeism” and other issues. Remember, the power of God is the true answer, and true transformation comes through living in the light of His presence and imminence.