The Growing Concerns of Higher Education and Corporate Influence: A Closer Look

In recent times, several noteworthy issues have emerged, ranging from personal experiences of religious individuals to the role of corporations and the changing landscape of education. In this article, we will delve into the diverse topics, including a religious leader’s journey, concerns about academic indoctrination, corporations’ involvement in political matters, and the merging of corporate America with the government.

Jason’s Journey to Cuba:

One individual’s life-changing decision has caught attention—Jason’s defection from the United States to Cuba. However, despite the controversial move, Jason’s church in Cuba is thriving, albeit not yet in their new building. The church has been instrumental in supporting the community and aiding its growth, with around 300 members expected to be a part of it soon.

Academic Indoctrination on College Campuses:

Higher education faces scrutiny, particularly in the case of a professor at MSU who allegedly compelled students to donate to Planned Parenthood before enrolling in his class, which focused on abortion clinics. This has raised concerns about political bias and indoctrination on public college campuses. Critics argue that conservative students often endure a barrage of leftist ideology during their education, making it a challenge for them to express their beliefs freely.

Corporate Involvement in Political Matters:

Moving beyond campuses, corporations have found themselves embroiled in political matters, causing controversy among consumers. Companies like Target have been scrutinized for taking stances on sensitive issues unrelated to their core business. The emergence of organizations like CEI (Culture and Ethical Inclusivity) adds complexity to the matter, as corporations vie for high acceptance scores to be seen as minority-owned entities.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Corporations:

A shift towards hiring DEI officers in corporations has led to the formulation of policies rooted in political correctness. This focus on DEI initiatives mirrors the developments seen in academia, leading some to believe that universities’ problems are now affecting corporations too.

The World Economic Forum and Corporate America:

The article highlights the World Economic Forum’s apparent attempts to merge corporate America with the government. This has raised concerns among some about the implications of such a partnership on corporate governance and individual liberties.

Farmers and Government Oversight:

Notably, some states are witnessing farmers being required to monitor their cows’ happiness and report their planting practices to the government. This illustrates the expanding influence of regulatory bodies in various sectors.


The issues discussed in this article offer a glimpse into the changing landscapes of education, corporations, and government influence.   More than ever, we need Revival and a return toward our Loving God.  From the challenges faced by conservative students in academia to the involvement of corporations in political matters, society finds itself navigating a complex web of interests and ideologies.  As these discussions continue, it becomes increasingly vital for individuals to remain informed and engaged in the shaping of their world.